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christy bonstell

Christy Bonstell is an actress, teacher and writer in Chicago. She has been teaching and performing for over a decade. She can be seen performing with her Harold team at iO, improvising with world-renowned Baby Wants Candy or performing for Second City Communications. Over the years Christy has been involved in productions at iO, the Annoyance Theatre, Second City, ComedySportz and the Playground Theater.

"And Christy Bonstell is excellent as a recovering Weight Watchers dieter who's literally chained to her scale and practically makes love to a doughnut." --Ryan Hubbard, the Chicago Reader.

Christy has lent her abilities to many commercial, industrial and educational videos, including many for the Second City, as well as Walmart, AT&T, Nike and Lunchables.

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Christy has taught at several national festivals, for the Second City, the Annoyance and iO, as well as outreach programs for Chicago youth.

Here's what her students had to say:

"Christy gave it to me straight and offered the kind of advice I carry with me every time I hop on stage. She taught me how to access my strengths and spin my weaknesses into strengths in their own right. I'll always remember the moment she told me to eat a cloud out of the sky and not be scared to grasp flames in my hands. After Christy, I remembered what it's like to get rid of all the crap in my head, stop justifying the fantasy and just have fun." --Andrew Munz, iO Intensive student.

"As a teacher, Christy does an amazing job of celebrating your strengths and helping you work on where you are struggling as a performer all in an atmosphere of trust and support. If you want to become a better improviser, you should work with Christy." --Walt Delaney, iO